There, I said it.

When I started my companies, I was swayed by the “experts” that said SEO was everything.  My sites needed to show up well on search results in order to get more business and grow.

What I have since realized though is that theory only applies if that person is looking for terms that you should show up for.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that SEO is NOT important, but if you have to choose between SEO and leads, you NEED LEADS!

SEO is important and you definitely need to show up when someone is searching for your site.  However, the greatest SEO means absolutely nothing if you the traffic that comes to your site looks around leaves.

Your site can have great traffic and your business may or may not grow from it.  What is important is what tools you have in place to capture leads from that traffic.  You must have a very clear Call to Action and method for capturing leads on your site.

Don’t expect this to come free.  You’ll need to be prepared to give away special content, free e-books, a webinar invite, etc.  And remember, just because you offer it, people may still avoid your request so be sure that what you are offering is irresistible.

I am testing out a new tool call Click Funnels to market to those leads.  That tied with MailChimp can give you some really cool tools at a very low cost.

Do yourself a favor, take an evening and write an ebook that pertains to your target market and customer.  Consider something along the lines of an ebook that covers a common mistake you find your targets are making, then you have a direct communication into why you can help them fix it.

If you don’t have design skills, consider having a designer put the book together and layout for you.  If you’ve written the text, this layout can be done with relative little cost.

Upload your ebook to a hosted server where leads can download it immediately after providing you their contact information.

Setup a Lead Funnel to process that user’s information into a system that takes them through a generated process for you. ( I realize this is vague, more on this process later! )

Be sure you’re following up and sending that e-book immediately after the person has opted-in.  Use a mail service such as MailChimp to automate this process.  Click Funnels also has some simple tools that can handle the basics of this.

Follow up with that lead in whatever ways works for your business.  They have given you permission to market to them.  Go for it.


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